Are you a UEDA member?

Hockeystick has partnered with the University Economic Development Association (UEDA), giving UEDA members access to our powerful metrics platform that makes it easier for post-secondary institutions to measure their economic impact.

As part of the partnership, Hockeystick is offering UEDA members a free Hockeystick account for the next five years. Joining Hockeystick allows you to track data from university programs, including:

  • On-campus accelerator and incubator programs
  • University-affiliated venture capital funds
  • Angel groups and other business funding programs

While Hockeystick excels at measuring innovation metrics, it is equally applicable for measuring data about other university initiatives. If you are a UEDA member and would like to claim your free account, please fill out of the following form.


Your Account Includes

Benefits of Joining

  •  Applicant Management System
    Track, share and evaluate program prospects.
  • Survey and Data Collection Tools
    Automatically collect standardized program metrics from participants via surveys.
  • CRM Feature
    Monitor company-level details such as jobs created, student engagement and financial metrics.

  • Dashboard and Report Capabilities
    Produce visual dashboard analytics and reports using our metrics taxonomy. 

  • Automate Existing Processes
    Design applicant workflows that match existing processes.
  • Standardized Reporting
    Simplify the process of reporting for your programs while receiving better data. 
  • Meet Funder Requirements
    Easily capture the impact of your program and produce board, partner and funder reports. 

  • Ease of Use
    Hockeystick's intuitive interface requires no pre-requisite technical knowledge. 

  • Security and Privacy 
    Hockeystick has a robust security and confidentially model that ensures data protection.