Free Accounts for NACO Members

Are you a NACO member?

Through our partnership with the NACO, all angel groups that are members of NACO are eligible for a free Hockeystick account.

Hockeystick provides angel groups with an automated and flexible system that accurately tracks, compares and predicts portfolio company performance. It's simple to use, intuitive and customizable. 

Many angel groups across the country already use Hockeystick. This is your chance to take advantage of our entire suite of tools.


Your Account Includes

Deal Flow Management System
Track, share and evaluate  prospective startups

Reporting and Data Collection Tools
Automatically collect standardized portfolio metrics from your entrepreneurs via reports.

CRM Feature
Monitor company-level details such as jobs created,  patents and financial metrics.

Dashboard Tool
Produce visual dashboard analytics from any collected metric.


Benefits of Joining

Automate Existing Processes
Design deal flow processes that match existing workflows.

Standardized Reporting
Simplify the process of reporting for your entrepreneurs while receiving better data.

Meet Funder Requirements
Easily capture the economic impact of your group and produce member updates.

Ease of Use
Hockeystick's intuitive interface requires no pre-requisite technical knowledge.

Security and Privacy
Hockeystick has a robust security and confidentially model that ensures data protection.

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